Career & Professional Development Navigator

A one-stop service center connecting Harvard bioscience master’s, doctoral, and professional students with resources, events, news, and providers related to skills and professional development. 

Office of Career Services (OCS)

The Office of Career Services (OCS) assists GSAS students and alumni in preparing for their professional future. Through individual advising, workshops, guest speakers, and extensive online resources, OCS provides information about career opportunities within and beyond academia, as well as guidance in the processes of self-assessment, career exploration, and the job search. Mock interviews are also available for students at the interview phase of the job search process. 

Enrichment & Certificate Programs

In addition to the teaching certificate programs below, PiN students have access to the DMS Paths professional development program and courses and certificate programs in therapeutics and translational medicine


The Division of Medical Sciences manages the approval process for student internships.

Harvard Innovation Labs

The Harvard Innovaton Labs are an incredibly unique support system for Harvard students and select alumni to help them advance in their quest to explore the world of game-changing innovation and entrepreneurship.  They offer access to a network of highly-curated advisors and mentors, peer collaboration and interaction, and comprehensive resource and programming support.

Alumni Advising

The OCS Firsthand Advisers platform connects students to career mentoring with PiN and other Harvard alumni.

PiN students can also connect with program alumni through the PiN Alumni Directory,  the PiN LinkedIn Group, or the program administrator. 


While there is no formal teaching requirement, PiN strongly encourages students to make the most of teaching opportunities. PiN students are invited each year to apply to TA the introductory MATLAB/Python courses in August and January, Thinking about Data in the fall, and the year-long core course for first-year students, the Discipline of Neuroscience. Many PiN students also TA undergraduate courses at Harvard College in Cambridge, medical school courses, and courses at Emmanuel College. Typically, PiN students are required to pass their PQE before taking on a TA position. Students interested in teaching have access to training opportunities and support resources offered by the HMS Curriculum Fellows Program and the Derek Bok Center for Teaching & Learning and can apply for the SEAL Teaching Certificate or the Bok Teaching Certificate.


PiN students have the opportunity to develop their writing skills by contributing to the Harvard NeuroBlog or joining Science in the News

Professional Development Courses

Careers in Neuroscience

NEUROBIO 333qc: Careers in Neuroscience is a biennial course offered by PiN that explores the pragmatic, real-world aspects of careers in academic research, biotech, patent law, consulting, education, and other fields, . Representatives of each field are brought in to discuss what students really want to know: What would the work entail? What are the salary ranges? What would my career options be if I took this option? What would my work/life balance be like? How do I get into this field?

PhD Pathfinder

In MED-SCI 316qc, the PhD Pathfinder course, students will learn about the many career paths available to people with advanced degrees in biomedical research including academia, biotech, patent law, science writing/publishing, consulting/business, education, and science policy/regulation. Students will also learn how to find opportunities on and off campus to take the next step in their career plans. Offered Fall and Spring Term. Students are required to attend all five sessions for course credit.

Curriculum Fellows Program

The HMS Curriculum Fellows Program offers courses in teaching and learning, nanocourses typically related to highly focused scientific content, research techniques, or the development of professional skills, a teaching certificate program, and other professional development resources.

GSAS Student Groups

OCS collaborates with several career-oriented graduate student groups. Join a student group to explore career options, connect with students who share your career interests, meet professionals in the field, build skills, and gain relevant experience. For a full listing of GSAS student groups and events, visit GSAS Engage.