Bruce Bean

Bruce Bean

Robert Winthrop Professor of Neurobiology
Bruce Bean
Research in the Bean lab focuses on the neurophysiology of mammalian neurons, with a goal of understanding how firing patterns of different kinds of neurons are controlled by expression of particular types of ion channels. A major goal in the laboratory is to use what we learn about control of firing in normally-functioning neurons to understand pathophysiology in disease states, including epilepsy, neuropathic pain, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Parkinson's Disease. Work in the laboratory is based on electrophysiological recording from central neurons, both in brain slice and after acute dissociation. The laboratory also works on ion channel pharmacology, both to understand the mechanism of action of known agents like anti-seizure drugs and cannabinoids and to develop new therapeutic compounds. Our work on ion channel pharmacology includes a long-standing collaboration with Clifford Woolf's laboratory to develop new treatments for pain.

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Harvard Medical School
Department of Neurobiology
Goldenson Building, , Room 301
220 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-432-1139

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