Joan A Camprodon

Joan A Camprodon

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Joan A Camprodon

Dr. Camprodon is interested in understanding circuit properties of human neural networks and how maladaptive plastic changes lead to neuropsychiatric disorders. The scope of his research includes basic, translational and clinical projects focused on circuit neuroscience. Current projects address the anatomy and physiology of disease-relevant networks as well as the investigation of pathophysiological mechanisms at the circuit level, with an emphasis on transdiagnostic processes. Critical translational efforts are geared towards applying the paradigms and methods of human systems and cognitive neuroscience to develop clinical tools with the potential to change how we practice brain medicine: e.g. identify biomarkers and predictors, discover treatment targets and design individualized precision therapies with an emphasis on device-based neuromodulation.

Methodologically, his laboratory works with a wide range of noninvasive and invasive neuromodulation techniques including transcranial electrical current stimulation (tECS), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and deep brain stimulation (DBS) among others. He also uses functional and structural MRI and EEG, in addition to innovative combinations of TMS and tDCS with neuroimaging and a wide variety of behavioral and clinical assays.

Contact Information

Massachusetts General Hospital
149 13th Street
Suite 10.008
Boston, MA 02129
p: 617-726-5348