Jie Shen

    Jie Shen

    Professor of Neurology

    As we age, our brains lose neurons, which cannot be replenished. When neuronal loss reaches above certain threshold, people develop devastating symptoms,...

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    Harvard Medical School
    Department of Neurology,
    New Research Building room 636
    77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
    Boston, MA 2115
    p: 617 525 4150

    Stelios M. Smirnakis

    Associate Professor of Neurology
    We study principles of neural circuit function and malfunction in neurological disease states. Tools used range from in vivo 2-photon imaging, optogenetics,... Read more about Stelios M. Smirnakis
    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    Building for Transformative Medicine, Room 11122
    60 Fenwood Road
    Boston, MA 02115
    p: 781-974-9356